Talk. Read. Sing. Build a Foundation for Learning.

Playing with Toddlers

As parents we wear so many different hats. We’re chefs, house keepers, taxi drivers, boo-boo kissers, and most importantly, we’re our child’s first teacher. Their foundation for learning in life begins with us. When Zadey was born I remember the “ah-ha” moment I had about my responsibility in building this foundation. I was intimidated and […]

Why the Mommy Wars Are Important

Why Mommy Wars Are Important | Moving Through Life

Parenting, by far, is the most difficult job I will ever hold. It’s not because of other jobs I may or may not have, it’s because I’m shaping the world of little beings. The choices they will make, the principals they will hold dear, their attitude towards other people, their ability to contribute to society, […]

Prepare for Kindergarten with Online Preschool

Prepare for Kindergarten with Online Preschool

Kindergarten is not what it used to be, when I was a kid. Instead of fun, games, and basic introductions, Kindergarten has grown to really having kids learn to dive in to the world of school. There’s homework, a stricter curriculum and much more learning to be done with all those crafts and games. This […]

Babywearing: The Dos, Donts, How and Why

Babywearing: Dos, Donts, How, & Why

It seems the older the boys get, the more interested I become in babywearing. When Zadey was a baby, eight years ago, we bought the only baby carrier we knew about then and used it all the time. It wasn’t something that I studied or learned about. I didn’t feel like I had to, to […]

Babywearing: Safety & Best Practices


Shortly after learning that I was pregnant with twins (at 17 weeks) one of my first disappointments was the thought that I would not be able to wear them. Babywearing was such a huge part of getting out the house and shopping when Zadey was a baby that I wasn’t sure how I would survive […]

Getting A Picky Eater to Eat


For years we have struggled to get Zadey to eat. I suppose it started at birth, when her entire NICU stay was about getting her to suck, swallow, and breath while eating. But what we have been dealing with the last few years, went well beyond her birth or NICU stay. In an effort to […]

Responding to Baby’s Cries


Since the day Zadey came into our home, I have tried my best to evaluate all of my parenting decisions and what she’s learning by the decisions I’m making. On many occasions I can remember talking to Joanne about these decisions and sometimes, back peddling on a practice. There are good and bad sides to […]

The Regretting Parenthood Trend


Parenting is hard, I get that, I understand it, and I embrace it. But, there’s a trend popping up between news articles and blogs. The trend seems to be venting about regrets of parenthood. And, I’m infuriated with this idea; and even more sad for the children that are at the receiving end. Okay, I’m […]