Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World


So, as I have already shared, we had an amazing trip to Holiday World to celebrate the kids’ birthdays. Our time there really could not have been more perfect. And, we couldn’t have chosen a better weekend to go as we were there for the first weekend of Holiday World’s annual Happy Halloween Weekends. Holiday […]

Holiday World is Made for Celebrations!


There is a milestone in a child’s life I never considered, that is until I begun to plan Zadey, Henry, and Oliver’s birthday celebrations at Holiday World. Okay, we’ll just face it now that this birthday celebration was more about Zadey being 8 than Henry and Oliver turning 1. So I’ll just focus on Zadey. […]

8 Years Ago Today


There are moments that I’ll never forget. I can look at a picture and know what I was doing, thinking, feeling, and often, where we were, where we were going, and the feelings surrounding any time or event. I waited years to become a Mother. I really believed that it wouldn’t happen. And, when it […]

Commercials That Make You Think


I’ve noticed a trend, since the increase of use of things like DVRs and TiVo… commercials are getting better. Companies now have to do something to make us stop fast forwarding through their commercials, so they’re catching our eye with commercials that are more heartwarming, loving, and come with a whole lot more meaning than […]

The State of Joanne and I


On Sunday I felt a serious need to get out of the house. I had to go somewhere, and my mood was becoming less than pleasurable the longer I sat at home, doing nothing. Joanne and I had decided at the end of last week that we’d take a quick day trip to Chicago this […]

Getting A Picky Eater to Eat


For years we have struggled to get Zadey to eat. I suppose it started at birth, when her entire NICU stay was about getting her to suck, swallow, and breath while eating. But what we have been dealing with the last few years, went well beyond her birth or NICU stay. In an effort to […]

Time to Plan Birthday Parties!


So you may or may not know, my kids are 7 years and 1 day apart. Lucky me got slammed with three birthday parties to have in just 2 days. Zadey was born September 18, 2005. Henry & Oliver were born September 19, 2012. I have spent a lot of time thinking about birthdays since […]