Adopted vs. Biological Children


I was told multiple times during my pregnancy with the boys that having biological children is much different than having an adopted child. As an adoptive Mother, and sister of adopted siblings, I was not only horrified but offended by these comments. It made it worse that these comments would come from people who did […]

My Road to Pregnancy


I never thought getting pregnant could be possible; and certainly wouldn’t be easy once it happened… Let me share my “wow” moments with you. In 2009 I was preparing to have Lap-Band surgery by completing a so-called six month diet at the request of my insurance company. During this I visited monthly with a doctor […]

We Don’t Believe


In our house, we have a secret… we do not believe in Santa. Nope, not once I have told my little girl that some fat man in a red suit is real. And I’ll be damned if she doesn’t hate me for it. But sorry, I’m not one of those Moms. Now, before you go […]