Learning It’s Twins!


For weeks I counted down to May 16th. I would be 17 weeks and I had made an appointment with Baby Sightings to have a private gender ultrasound done. We planned for this day! They allowed 10 people in the room for the ultrasound and I wanted to fill it up. At the last minute, […]

Delivering Twins

Delivering Twins

September 19th. Week 37. Who’s going to sleep knowing today was the day you’ll be holding your TWINS?! Joanne and I were up early. The day before was fun filled, it was Zadey’s birthday. And instead of a birthday party, she chose to have “a day of surprises.” So we had run around all day, […]

Twin Pregnancy


I always thought I could easily be pregnant. Not as in easily get pregnant, just that I would see no issue with being pregnant. Though, I admit, after having Lap-Band surgery I did not want to be pregnant. Ever. I wasn’t losing weight to gain weight. But that’s another story and obviously a moot point […]

Are You Breastfeeding?


Breastfeeding. It’s a subject that has plagued me for years. Would I ever? How do I feel about that? Could I? When I was pregnant with the boys, I thought I’d give it a go. Why not? I didn’t set my expectations too high. I was, after all, having two babies. I was breastfed, as […]

Do The Boys Have A Father?


Talking, writing, thinking about Sperm Donor brings up a world of emotions. Do the boys have a Father? The short answer: No. I suppose you’re looking for more than that, aren’t you? Even after I had moved in with Joanne and setup life in another city, I tried to keep him in the loop. Things […]

How Did Twins Happen?


How did that happen? Every time I am asked this question I think “please, God, let them be asking a science question.” Do not make me explain the fundamentals of baby making to you. But because I’m an openly lesbian Mom, there is certainly a story to how I got pregnant. And it’s a story […]

Was that Coming Out?


At 16 I was living the life! I had my first job, at Dominos Pizza. I had money to spend and a best friend to spend it with. There was this boy. He was OH SO CUTE and I got him. He was fun, and charming. I rarely turned down an opportunity to be with […]

U-Haul Lesbians & Other Truths


Have you heard the cliché about U-Haul Lesbians? No? Okay, it’s simple. What do lesbians take to a second date? A U-Haul. Get it? It wasn’t quite like that, but nearly. It was Thanksgiving, and I was hanging out on AOL. Oh yes, it was that long ago. I’m sure I was busy chatting it […]