Don’t Leave Home Without It


Since American Express announced that we couldn’t leave home without it, there have been a million things that I’ve heard people say they can’t leave home without. Seriously, a million. Okay, maybe not a million, but I’m confident you get the idea. I never really had that one thing I couldn’t leave home without. Sure, […]

Zadey’s NICU Story


No, you’re not imagining things… that baby is blue! Zadey was born on September 18, 2005 at Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV. Joanne and I were there for every moment. From pregnancy, to multiple trips to the hospital for false or early labor, to her actual arrival, and Joanne cutting the cord. At […]

Not A Minivan Mom


When Zadey was just a little baby, I remember telling Joanne “I never want to drive a minivan!” There’s that whole stigma of minivan driving, soccer Mom that is NOT me. Nor do I want that to be me. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid the minivan when you have just one kid. Zadey was just […]

It’s Just Not Meant To Be


I’ve come to the realization in life that sometimes, some things, are simply not meant to be. Even the hardest of hard work and dedication cannot change that which is not meant to be, for whatever reason, it’s not going to work. It was more than 2 months ago when Joanne and I decided that […]

I Used to Hate My Body


I used to hate my body. Even after I lost a great deal of weight with my Lap-Band surgery, I hated my body. I hadn’t lost all my weight yet. I still had this bulge here. My pant size wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Now I have extra skin. I want my face […]

Talking to Zadey About Adoption

Zadey Jade Rawson-Castro

Many people ask how we talk to Zadey about being adopted. And it took awhile for me to consider how we actually did this. We never had a conversation, there was no hard evidence or information presented. We’ve just always made an effort to have it be something present in her life. The same way […]

Break Up to Make Up

Joanne and Katy

As I was analyzing the posts on this here blog, and preparing to share it with the world I realized that there’s a chunk to Joanne and I’s story that’s missing. But it’s something that has been mentioned and hinted at in the posts Do The Boys Have A Father? and How Did Twins Happen? […]

The Night Before Your Birthday


I love family traditions. I love them even more when I am keeping a tradition, rather than starting a tradition. When I was growing up, every year, on the night before our birthday my Mom would rock us and tell us about the day we were born. She’d give us the whole story, year after […]