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Lime Juice Burned My Daughter

Burned by Lime Juice

On August 16th we went to Orange County to visit my parents for our annual cousin’s day. We do this every year. My siblings and I all come together, with our kids, to hang out and spend time next to my parent’s pool. Because we were in Indiana for last year’s cousins day, I was […]

Searching For My Brother’s Birth-Parents


My brother, Steve, is an awesome guy. He’s crazy funny, very political, a little off the wall, and always good for a good pep talk that may or may not include seriousness. Growing up Steve and I weren’t very close. Time and age did that for us. But now, he’s my go-to brother. He’s Zadey […]

8 Years Ago Today


There are moments that I’ll never forget. I can look at a picture and know what I was doing, thinking, feeling, and often, where we were, where we were going, and the feelings surrounding any time or event. I waited years to become a Mother. I really believed that it wouldn’t happen. And, when it […]

The State of Joanne and I


On Sunday I felt a serious need to get out of the house. I had to go somewhere, and my mood was becoming less than pleasurable the longer I sat at home, doing nothing. Joanne and I had decided at the end of last week that we’d take a quick day trip to Chicago this […]

Father’s Day with Two Moms


Joanne and I never considered what we’d do on Father’s Day when Zadey was born. Even today, I’m not really sure what there is to think about. But, over the years, the question has inevitably been asked “what do you do on Father’s Day?” The truth is, it was a holiday we could easily overlook […]

Well, Goodbye Dad


Yesterday, while in Bakersfield, I met up with the boys’ “Dad.” I use the term loosely because in the two months he’s actually had contact with the boys, he hasn’t done much, or rather, anything to prove that he’s a Dad or Father. We recently had a major disagreement that, once again, changed our view […]

Why We Turned Off Cable TV


I have walked in to very few homes that do not have cable television. And, more times than not, that television is usually on with one or more members of the household watching television. And such was the story of our life. For the last 11 years Joanne and I have justified the expense of […]

Trip to the ER Because of Diaper Rash


During my pregnancy, when I began my research about circumcision, the number one thing that began to scare me about leaving my sons intact is the constant warning about bad medical advice when it comes to the intact (uncircumcised) baby. Website after website warned about early retraction, proper care, and ensuring that those standards are […]