First Swim of the Season


I am a water baby! I love being in the water be it a pool or the ocean. If you take me out to a lake, I’m very likely to jump in. As a kid, I really enjoyed swimming out in the ocean to the end of the pier… with my big brother. I’ve told […]

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil


Do you feel like we’re hearing a lot about coconut oil lately? Suddenly it seems to have exploded in popularity in my Facebook Mommy groups, blogs, and well… everything I read. Everyone has been talking about it, so I figured I’d pick it up. Last week at Costco, I found a HUGE tub. I figured […]

First Ever Family Photos


We have never taken a family picture. Because of me. I never wanted to with all my insecurities. And honestly, I don’t have too many regrets about it. I have thousands, literally thousands of photos of Zadey. I’m sure I will have no less for the boys as well. I love taking pictures of my […]

Merry Overabundant Christmas

christmas gifts

Christmas is over, and everyone is sharing their Christmas on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m reading these posts and checking out pictures. And all I can see is a mountain of presents. In a few pictures, it was nearly impossible to see the tree because there were so many presents. I can get this concept, if […]

Zadey’s 7th Birthday

Zadey's 7th Birthday

I’m not great at parties. I don’t plan events. I struggle with what to do for birthdays. My sister Morgan is great at them. But I was only successful once, Zadey’s 5th birthday party. Long ago I had decided that I only wanted to do huge events for a birthday on the big birthdays. 1, […]