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Our Highlights from 2013

Highlights from 2013

I feel like the last year was a huge wave for our family. There were many amazing things going on and yet there were some very had times as well. During all of it, we were living the first year of life with twins. Of course, we had a big move, and so many other […]

Can Life Be More Local and Sustainable?


For many years I have worked, in some fashion, with my Dad. Typically, along with my business partner, we develop his business’ website, graphics, business cards, the whole works. It was 8 years ago when I first developed an image for him that would highlight how “green” the company was, what their company consumption was, […]

It’s Finally Happening, A Place of Our Own!


Earlier this week Joanne and I decided that we’re finally ready, our ducks are in a row, we know what our plan is, and it’s time to get out and find our own place to live. After 3 months (as of yesterday) in Indiana, it’s time for our family to have our own space. We […]

Commercials That Make You Think


I’ve noticed a trend, since the increase of use of things like DVRs and TiVo… commercials are getting better. Companies now have to do something to make us stop fast forwarding through their commercials, so they’re catching our eye with commercials that are more heartwarming, loving, and come with a whole lot more meaning than […]

Time to Plan Birthday Parties!


So you may or may not know, my kids are 7 years and 1 day apart. Lucky me got slammed with three birthday parties to have in just 2 days. Zadey was born September 18, 2005. Henry & Oliver were born September 19, 2012. I have spent a lot of time thinking about birthdays since […]

First Day of School Jitters

california versus indiana

I have been anticipating Zadey’s first day back to school this year since the day she got out of school on May 31st. And I’m not talking about one of those scenarios where Mom is so crazy all summer long with crazy kids that I had to get rid of one. It’s not like that. […]

Car Goes Boom!


In the nearly 12 years Joanne and I have been together we have dealt with 1 car accident, and 2 tickets. The tickets were both Joanne’s. The car accident however, was mine just one month after our relationship began. I was on the freeway, at night, and did not see that up ahead a car […]

Everyone Wants a Good Deal


So, it’s starts like this… I recently told you guys about our big move. I’m really looking forward to it. But, one of the things Joanne and I decided with this move is that we’re going to forgo the usual big moving truck, and go for a trailer instead. Because of this, we’re downsizing… by […]