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March For Babies 2014 with #TeamKmart

March of Dimes March for Babies with #TeamKmart Los Angeles 2014

It was almost eight and a half years ago that I turned a corner in a hospital hallway just in time to see a nurse picking up my very blue child and whisking her away to the Level 3 NICU. I hadn’t been a mother more than a couple of hours at that point and […]

Is Homosexuality a Choice?

is homosexuality a choice

Now… this is a debate! So many straight men and women often debate as to whether or not homosexuality is a choice. Do gay people really have a say in the matter? I’m obviously speaking here from my perception, my experience, and my knowledge of my gay and lesbian friends. This is only my opinion. […]

Penn & Teller: Circumcision is Bullshit

Penn & Teller AIDS Walk

I love Penn & Teller. I think I first fell in love with their comedy while living in Las Vegas. They’re everywhere there, and it’s hard not to notice them. When their show, Bullshit started Joanne and I watched every single episode. And it wasn’t until I became an intactivist that I remembered their show […]

Video: Elephant in the Hospital

An Elephant in the Hospital

When speaking to other intact activists (typically called “intactivists”), I learned about this video. It is so incredibly educational though, a bit long. But if you’re considering circumcision for your son, or why you should be involved in stopping the practice of routine infant circumcision, this is a great place to start. NOTE: This presentation […]

Video: The Doctors Show Disaster

The Doctor's TV Show

This is probably one of the best videos that I have ever watched regarding circumcision. What’s so fascinating is that all these doctors are spewing complete false information and perpetuating the problems with circumcision in the United States. The video’s creator breaks down all of the statements made on the show, and provides correct information. […]

Foreskin & Circumcision

Circumcision Medical Tools

I have stated that there is no medical necessity for routine infant circumcision. But I haven’t told you why you want to keep it. And what the job of the foreskin is. There are 18 different functions of the foreskin. They are: Acts as a rolling bearing in intercourse and masturbation Protects the glands (head) […]

Circumcision, AAP, & Doctors

Circumcised Banana

Parents and doctors alike have many common reasons to advocate circumcision. They’re all wrong. Yes, I said it. And I’ll say it again. They’re all wrong. Did you know that no major medical organization, in the world, recommends routine infant circumcision. None. Canadian Paediatric Society “Circumcision of newborns should not be routinely performed.” Royal Dutch […]

Common Reasons to Circumcise

Circumcised Banana

Circumcision was never something I thought about, never considered. Now I’m embarrassed to say that. Prior to coming out at 16, I had only slept with circumcised men. Never gave it a second thought. As far as I know, everyone in my family is circumcised. But I never cared enough to ask around to know […]