California to Indiana: Our Journey


On July 3rd, we truly began to make our way to Indiana. There will still so much to be done in our apartment in California. But, UHaul called a day early prepared to install my tow hitch and give us our trailer. Thrilled to be getting things loaded a day early, we ran off to […]

Our Big Change… We’re Moving!


Joanne and I are no strangers to change. Since moving out of my Mom’s house at 17, I have moved no less than 30 times. During my and Joanne’s (almost) 12 year relationship, we’ve moved at least 12 times. I know, all this moving seems crazy. But, I cannot express to you how much I […]

Our Move to Washington


It was 2010, and we were looking at Zadey starting school the next school year. Las Vegas schools weren’t quite meeting standards, and I really wanted to do everything I could to get her the best education possible, short of paying for private school. That was not written in the financial stars for us. So, […]

Las Vegas Is My Home


Just over 10 years ago Joanne and I were sitting in our second apartment together. It was an interesting time for us, and we had just been together for about a year and a half. We had made some really great friends, were spending a lot of time out with them at social events, were […]

A Visit to Fresno Chaffee Zoo

fresno chaffee zoo

In February my niece, Malia turned 7 years old. My sister was looking to plan a day for her, without going over the top. So it was Malia’s decision that we spent the day at the zoo. And, not living too far from the zoo, we decided to go together. Malia’s birthday was great fun. […]