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Hello, Las Vegas!

Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

February 20th was my 34th birthday, and lucky for me I often get to choose something entertaining to do for my birthday because it falls nearly the same time as we receive our tax refund. This year was no exception. Joanne and I spent a couple of days discussing what I would like to do […]

Lime Juice Burned My Daughter

Burned by Lime Juice

On August 16th we went to Orange County to visit my parents for our annual cousin’s day. We do this every year. My siblings and I all come together, with our kids, to hang out and spend time next to my parent’s pool. Because we were in Indiana for last year’s cousins day, I was […]

10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While Traveling


Since our move to and from Indiana car games have become very important to us. We have spent hours traveling and we still have more to do. Now that we’re back in California, I cannot wait to get on the road this summer. I’m anxious to hit the beach, spend time in Los Angeles, and […]

Explore the Natural History Museum in LA

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

There are times when I struggle to come up with something new to take my kids to do. Living in the same town, it is easy to get in a rut of visiting the same places time and time again. And for Zadey, though we haven’t been back in California long, she has seen it […]

March For Babies 2014 with #TeamKmart

March of Dimes March for Babies with #TeamKmart Los Angeles 2014

It was almost eight and a half years ago that I turned a corner in a hospital hallway just in time to see a nurse picking up my very blue child and whisking her away to the Level 3 NICU. I hadn’t been a mother more than a couple of hours at that point and […]

Talk. Read. Sing. Build a Foundation for Learning.

Playing with Toddlers

As parents we wear so many different hats. We’re chefs, house keepers, taxi drivers, boo-boo kissers, and most importantly, we’re our child’s first teacher. Their foundation for learning in life begins with us. When Zadey was born I remember the “ah-ha” moment I had about my responsibility in building this foundation. I was intimidated and […]

Home…Where We Belong!

Indiana to California Move

Last year I’m not sure I would have been able to define home or what it means to me. I couldn’t tell you how much I appreciated it, how I longed to be near my family, and how settling down for my kids was important. Instead I would have told you that I want my […]

Why the Mommy Wars Are Important

Why Mommy Wars Are Important | Moving Through Life

Parenting, by far, is the most difficult job I will ever hold. It’s not because of other jobs I may or may not have, it’s because I’m shaping the world of little beings. The choices they will make, the principals they will hold dear, their attitude towards other people, their ability to contribute to society, […]