Post-Op Lap-Band 2 Weeks


It’s been 2 weeks already. This week I have another loss of 5.2 lbs bringing my total loss for 2 weeks to an even 21 lbs. I couldn’t be more happy about this. I’m also quite surprised to see the change happening in my face and waist line. There are subtle differences in my before […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 1 Week


I’ve made it through the first week. So let’s talk recovery, how I’m feeling, energy, and liquid diet. There’s so much that is going through my mind but most of all I want you to know that I’m motivated and I’m excited. My motivation is fueled by a loss in both pounds and inches. I […]

Lap-Band Surgery: 5 Hours Post-Op

Would you have ever imagined that after 5 hours of being home from the hospital, I’d want to make a video? I didn’t. But here it is, 5 hours home and I’m ready to tell you everything that happened. Plus, I’ve got a couple of hospital goodies to share. Don’t worry, I promptly make this […]

Pre-Op Lap-Band Video Introduction


Here it is, my introduction video. After discovering an amazing weight loss surgery community on YouTube, I decided to share my journey with videos. After more than a year of hard work and a lot of appointments to get there, I’m just 2 days away from surgery day. I’m nervous and excited. Starting Photos: [nggallery […]

My Journey to Weight Loss Surgery


I have spent many years debating on weight loss surgery. My first conversation about surgery with my doctor was in early 2004 when I was living in Bakersfield, California. However, shortly after getting the ball rolling I decided to move my life to Las Vegas, Nevada and that ended any thought of surgery. Years and […]