Is Food Calling You?


Last night was my monthly Lap-Band support group meeting with my surgeon. One of the topics that came up was whether or not food still called to you. As in, what are you craving or eating because you want to and not because you NEED to. Immediately post-op hardly any food called to me. It […]

Weight Loss & My Period


I promised that I’d be open and honest on my blog. And though this is not a topic I’d typically discuss with a large majority of people I don’t know, I want to be honest about every piece of this journey. So, here it goes…. In my early teens, my period was what I believed […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 21 Weeks


It’s been 21 weeks since I had surgery. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by, everything I have done, everything I have been through, and how willing I am to keep going. When the going gets tough, I’m only one to fight for a bit before I give up. But it has […]

Goodbye 300+ Pounds!


I’ve been anticipating this day to come for a long time but more so the last couple of days as my weight has been hovering at 301 lbs. And I knew the minute it happened I would grab the camera and show all of you… Goodbye 300+ pounds. May I never see the scale begin […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 23 Weeks

What a crazy couple of weeks. I hate that I am so behind in videos and updates. But I’m balancing big changes for my family and my weight loss journey. This by far has been one of my biggest challenges since surgery. It’s an interesting ride. And while I’m at it, I apologize that I […]

Sharing Clothes


Nine years ago when Joanne and I first got together we would share sweaters and shirts. No many of them as we have vastly different styles. But I loved her sweaters that we slightly too big for her and perfect for me. Winter was my favorite time so that I could wear her clothes. But […]

Feeding the Sweet Tooth


Prior to surgery my weakest moment in the day was at night, after the kid had gone to bed. Joanne and I would stay up late and catch up on some TV and in general spend time with each other. As most couples know, those moments after the kid goes to bed is the moment […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 20 Weeks


20 weeks have gone by quickly! This last week has been a lot about recovery for me. Having my gallbladder removed was much more work and pain than I anticipated or had time to prepare for! But little by little I am getting better. And I’ve got my focus and mind back so I push […]