Getting Back to My Lap-Band Routine


In June it will be three years since I had my Lap-Band surgery. It was the number one thing I wanted, for many years, because I was sick and tired of being overweight and feeling completely helpless to the cycle. In the first 2 years, I can say I almost got to a weight I […]

Lap-Band Surgery 1 Year Post-Op


There are many ups and downs to losing weight, no doubt. When I first started my weight loss journey, I thought this day was so far away! In my celebratory video of reaching the 1 year post-op mark I count all my scale and non-scale victories. There are so many of them, things you wouldn’t […]

Food Videos: What am I eating?


It’s easy to allow your food choices to become boring after surgery. In these videos I discuss what I’m eating, how I create a variety, and how I’m more than satisfied sticking to the boring every day food. Not to be misunderstood though, there are certainly more options to eating after Lap-Band than what I […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 49 Weeks


This is the update video for 49 weeks post-op Lap-Band surgery. There’s good days and bad days in accountability and after many life changing events, I felt as though I could make video updates again. Want more? Progress pictures are included with this update! Progress Pictures: [nggallery id=5]

Post-Op Lap-Band 43 Weeks


There is a true, heart felt, amazing feeling to need to use a new outfit to take your photo updates. And this is the moment I decided to do that. The original clothes I started with no longer showed my actual physical changes — and I so longed to show everyone what I was seeing […]

Food & Exercise


After I posted my 25 weeks post-op Lap-Band video, I was asked a lot of questions about the type of foods and exercise I’m doing. Admitting, 9.3 lbs loss in a single week is huge. But I wasn’t do anything that I wasn’t doing at the very start of my journey. Or what I talked […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 7 Months


Many people had been asking what’s going on and what is next for me. Understandable since it’s been quite awhile since I’ve made a video. And though this was made a few days ago, I’m just now getting it up on my blog. Hope this answers some questions and I’ll be making a post that […]

Post-Op Lap-Band 25 Weeks

post-op lap-band 25 weeks

An incredible week!! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of losing more in a single week, than nearly 10 lbs when you didn’t expect it. I’m so thankful for a huge loss. Also, in this video I talk about Andrew, and Sj. Make sure you check out their YouTube channels. Progress Pictures: [nggallery id=7] Progress […]