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7 Ways to Improve Your Health

Oral Health Matters

It has always seemed for me that my health is something I took for granted or flat out didn’t understand. At my heaviest weight, I never considered all the problems looming inside my body because I never showed outward signs of any problems. At 27 years old I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood […]

Small Steps to a Healthier Me

Small Steps to a Healthier Me!

This month I celebrated 4 years post-op from Lap-Band surgery. To say that I’m not where I expected to be would be an understatement; but so would saying that I had unrealistic expectations of what Lap-Band would do for me. But since the day of surgery I have learned that the only way to achieve […]

Enjoy A New Waistline with #FitTeaDetox

Fit Tea Pro Pack #FitTeaDetox

Since the day the boys were born I have been talking about losing weight. Not only do I still have baby weight to lose, but I wasn’t at my goal weight when I became pregnant with them. The problem however, I’m all talk and haven’t taken any action yet. This is the year though. I […]

Walk It Off & Keep Track Using Omron

Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

After having Lap-Band surgery in 2010, walking has been my number one form of exercise to lose the weight. And, I’m still going. But I never know what my work is doing for me and it’s really important to keep track of how many steps I take, my calorie intake, and how many calories I’m […]

Back to Lap-Band Basics: 2 & 3 Weeks


I decided to delay an accountability update until I had a really solid plan in place for what happens after all the dental madness is over. Since I finally feel like that’s done, here I am. During week 2, I was still struggling a lot with pain in my lower right jaw after those awful […]

Developing My Exercise Routine


In the last couple of weeks with my down time, waiting to begin a new workout routine, I have thought a lot about the type of exercise I want to proceed with. Three years ago, when I first had my Lap-Band surgery, it only took me a week to catch on to Leslie Sansone walk […]

Back to Lap-Band Basics: 1 Week


It’s been just over a week since I said I would be going back to my Lap-Band basics, following the rules, and getting myself back on track. And, in the spirit of staying accountable, here’s my one week check-in. A lot has gone on in the last week. If you recall from my last post, […]

Going Back to Lap-Band Basics


In the two years immediately following my surgery for Lap-Band, I did very well. I was almost always on point with calories, food, and exercise. I had a small period, about 6 months, where I did nothing but maintain my weight. And that was really more about getting myself to the place, mentally, where I […]