Car Goes Boom!



In the nearly 12 years Joanne and I have been together we have dealt with 1 car accident, and 2 tickets.

The tickets were both Joanne’s.

The car accident however, was mine just one month after our relationship began. I was on the freeway, at night, and did not see that up ahead a car had been in an accident by itself and was sitting in the fast lane. Just two minutes before I hit it, I moved to the fast lane from the slow lane.

Had I of stayed in the slow lane, I would have completely avoided the car and all debris. No such luck. Instead I totaled Joanne’s moms almost new car. Wiped that sucker out. And, I was very lucky to have walked away alive.

Scared the crap out of me!

Yesterday though, Joanne even the score in the accident department.

Joanne was not herself yesterday. She needed a break from kids, some time to herself. I sent her out; told her to go and do a little job hunting or something. Just leave and catch a break.

She did just that.

And about 45 minutes later, I answered the phone, the call was from Joanne.

Babe, I fucked up. I’ve just been a really bad car accident.




Immediately I stood up and shouted “WHAT!?!?”

Look, Joanne is not a bad driver. And though it’s called an accident for a reason, I just wouldn’t expect this from Joanne. She’s my back seat driver while I’m driving. She keeps me in check reading every sign, following every direction, making sure I notice what other cars are doing. It’s a little annoying but, that’s life in the car with Joanne.

But, the next words out of her mouth were spoken like a true mother.

I hit a car with 4 kids in it.

Luckily, everyone, including Joanne is okay. Joanne has a small seatbelt burn/bruise across her neck and chest, and another small bruise along her lower tummy. The kids were shaken up, everyone was checked out, and everyone walked away.


Joanne’s Injuries.

Joanne however, is beating herself up, as she always done.

So, what happened?

Joanne was heading in to another city. She thought she was on a highway but, out of nowhere, there was a stop light. She didn’t see it and blew through it. When she did, she a car from the on-coming traffic, turning left. The car behind the car Joanne hit, hit Joanne. Three cars. Two of which Joanne is calling as totaled, that includes hers.

If you having been reading my blog for a little bit, you might also remember we just purchased our cars 5 months ago.

The Good News

Okay, I try (and sometimes fail) to see the silver lining in things. So, here’s the good news:

  • No one was injured.
  • Our kids were not in the car.
  • Though the kids’ car seats were in the car, we need new ones, anyway.
  • Because we’re in the middle of our insurance policy, it’ll be several months before our premium goes up.
  • Joanne wasn’t all that fond of her car, anyway.

If our insurance actually totals the car out, and there’s no reason to think they won’t, we’ll probably break just even. Bonus: no more car payment. I filed the claim this morning, and I’m unsure of what will happen next.

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    I am so gald that everyone is okay. I am so sorry that Joanne had this accident. It’s so hard because she was in an area she’s not from and driving, which makes things a little more difficult. Timing sucks, but having been through this process, I am just SO glad that everyone is okay. It’s just a car. I know it’s hard because you just got them, but her life and the life of those in the other vehicles are far more important then the car :) Hang in there!

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