Build, Create, & Connect with Tegu Wooden Blocks

I received a Tegu Dart Car to facilitate this review. No further compensation was received. All views and opinions expressed are my own. Tegu and Brixy have not influenced nor reviewed this post prior to posting.


Zadey is a very imaginative kid. She loves to create, build, design, and put things together. She is so creative, sometimes I wonder where she comes up with her ideas.

Since she was just a small toddler, building blocks have been one of the best toys Zadey has had. It allows her creative side to flow, it gets her thinking, it sparks ideas I’ve never seen, and she loves it. It really is hours of entertainment for her.

But, she has a frustration with blocks that I’ve seen a lot of kids have. Getting things to stay where she puts them requires the fine act of balancing and a light hand. She struggles with this and it makes her more frustrated than allowing her creative side to just flow and create.

brixy-logoIt was only recently that I was contacted about learning more about Brixy retailers that I learned about Tegu. And, I was so excited for Zadey!

Brixy is a network of locally owned children’s furniture and gear stores across the US. I love this, as they support the small business, and local stores. And bridge them in to a network to promote and work with each other.

Tegu is part of the Brixy network and learning about this fun concept of wooden building blocks has been so much fun.

A Tegu Dart Car was shared with me, and though Zadey has not yet received it (it’s a Christmas present), I know exactly all the fun she’s going to have with it!


Comprised of 15 wooden pieces, the Tegu Dart Car offers creative and unique play that allows children to literally design and build their own car — that works. The frustration of keeping blocks together is gone, because Tegu blocks are magnetic!


Children can use these pieces to design their car anyway they choose. Or maybe just set the wheels aside and create something completely unique. And with the magnetic pieces, they can keep their masterpiece together for as long as they want.

These 15 pieces allow them to move and manipulate their design any way they choose. Any style they want. The wheels allow them to design their design on the go, to make their imagination come to life and take their car out for a ride.


I so adore this concept of providing children with something so traditional as wooden blocks, but include the unique flair of magnets to eliminate frustration and allow children to be more inspired, more creative, and enjoy their masterpieces longer.

And Tegu makes more than cars. They have multipe building sets and all of them work together.

The Tegu Dart car retails for $38.00 and comes with all 15 pieces you see in this post. Pick up Tegu for your little ones (ages 3 and up) this holiday season by locating a Brixy retailer near you.


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