Bath Time for 10 Mo Old Twins


There is something about bath time in our house that makes the boys’ spirit just come alive. The water, the splashing, the toys, the rubber ducks — it all is so much for them to take in and I have never seen such little things enjoy the water so much.

I love bath time with my boys. Though, if we’re being honest, it’s not the easiest job to have two babies in the bath at the same time. But, I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

Preparing for Bath Time

Usually Joanne helps with bath time, especially the post-bath routine. But a little bit of preparation for their bath can go a long way.

We always pull the boys out of the bath and take them to our bed for diapers and clothes. Because of this, before we head to the bath, I will prepare diapers (including opening them up) and their clothes. I’ll also have their lotion and whatever creams they might need ready to go and on the bed. Typically I also grab 2 small toys, preferably ones they haven’t been playing with all day. Having small toys handy keeps them busy playing while we throw the diapers, lotion, and clothes on… and keeps them put!

I know this step may sound obvious, but it’s probably the most important element to bath time. My boys are mobile and that means the minute they hit the bed to get changed, they’re ready to roll over and crawl off. Being prepared makes the routine happen much faster, and easier.

Bath Time for Twins


The older the boys get, the more water I put in the tub. Though it still isn’t much.

At this stage, I would expect that most parents would use something like a bath seat for their baby. I don’t. It’s not that it wouldn’t be helpful, it would be. But I also see that it would limit how the boys play in their bath, and because they love it so much, I just can’t do it. It’s not a necessity for us, though it may be for some parents.

Moving on…

Bath time starts with play. The boys have a serious love for their wash cloths, so I save the soap for last or they’ll be eating and drinking a whole lot of soap. Though occasionally I do hook them up with organic bubble bath (that’s the bubbles you see in the pics in this post).

Right now, toys are quite minimal as the two of them in the tub together is enough for me to wrestle. They have rubber ducks, that they love, two big plastic cups, their wash cloths, and occasionally I’ll throw in a few of sister’s fun bath toys.

Bath time is all about playing, moving, and splashing — because the more they do this, the more tired out they become and are ready for bed. Yes, bath time is always in the evening. So, we spend about 10 to 15 minutes just playing in the tub.

They crawl over each other; they stand up on the side of the tub (and I sit them back down 1,000 times), they splash each other, and from time to time, even throw a cup full of water over their own heads.

Once we’re all done playing, it’s time to wash up. They each have their own wash cloth, and it’s just a process. One at a time, head to toe. When they’re both squeaky clean, we’re out!

Help at Bath Time


There is no doubt that having a couple of extra hands during bath time is helpful, though I don’t necessarily require it. Joanne will usually come in to help me wash up, if I give her a shout. Otherwise bath time for the boys comes at the time that sister needs to clean up any messes she has out, and start getting ready for bed, too. So until they boys are ready to get out of the bath, Joanne is usually tending to Zadey’s needs.

From time to time, a friend will help, too. Friends seem to really enjoy giving the boys a bath, and I’m telling you, it’s because it really is fun to do. And, again, if I need the extra hands, Joanne is always there ready to go.

So, from start to finish, bath time can last anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes. It all depends on how long they play, and how much trouble they give us getting dressed (they prefer to undress themselves as we’re dressing them).

It really is a fun, messy, wet, soapy experience — but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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