Back to Lap-Band Basics: 2 & 3 Weeks


I decided to delay an accountability update until I had a really solid plan in place for what happens after all the dental madness is over. Since I finally feel like that’s done, here I am.

During week 2, I was still struggling a lot with pain in my lower right jaw after those awful extractions the student dentist messed up on. To add insult to injury, literally, I ran out of pain pills and decided my best bet was to take Tylenol PM, hide, and sleep. It worked.

The pain has worn off and I’m darn near at the point where I feel like life can resume, as it was.

Let me tell you this… I would have rather had another c-section than deal with the pain of this dental work. And my c-section was not peaches and cream. That’s where I stand with all of that.

Moving on to week 3 it has been a week of doing what I can to make myself feel normal again. Getting back to a routine, spending time with my kids, and working (on the blog) again. It’s been a fun filled packed week as the snow cam falling down and the feeling of cabin fever set in.

But, it allowed me time to develop some plans, for starting week 4.

Working In Exercise

I’ve talked about it before and my favorite workout, when I was actively losing before, was Leslie Sansone Walk at Home or Walk Away the Pounds. Sadly I discovered last week that my favorite videos to do of Leslie’s are on an external hard drive that for some reason is no longer being recognized by my computer. That’s an issue for another time.

So, I had to set out in looking for new Leslie Sansone videos and I was in luck on YouTube. I’ve decided to alternate between 2 and 3 mile walks. Here’s the videos I’ll use.

Leslie Sansone 2 Mile Walk at Home

Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk at Home

Using both of these videos, I plan to be back on it beginning Monday. I have a follow-up check-up appointment with the dentist on Thursday and I kind of want to get the all clear from him before I start moving.

My Eating Habits

It’s been awhile since I made myself count how much water I have had and I just can’t go like that anymore. So now I’ve begun to care about how much I’m drinking and making sure I’m getting it all in.

This past week I have met my water goals, every single day.

The biggest thing I’ve needed to change is how much coffee I drink. As I drink coffee with cream and sugar, it just is way too many calories to consume over and over each day. Water is needed! So I’ve cut myself down to 2 cups per day. Big deal.

My food is good because, as I’m still healing, I’m really eating only soft easy to chew/swallow foods. I want to do more protein shakes, but they’re just too cold for this winter season! Never the less, I know I have reduced my calorie intake.

Weight Loss Progress

In the 3 weeks since I’ve gone back to my Lap-Band Basics, I have lost 16.9 lbs. Fairly big loss considering I have not yet begun working out. And I’m really proud of those results.

From here I have another 25 lbs I need to lose to be a pre-twin-pregnancy weight.

Looking Forward to Next Week

Next week I want to:

  • Stop Using the Scale: I think I want to learn to work my routine as part of life, not part of what the scale says. I’m considering stepping away from the scale for a little while, but I haven’t decided for sure.
  • Drink More Water: I still have room for improvement here.
  • Begin Exercising: It’s time! No excuses and I’m ready.

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