Back to Lap-Band Basics: 1 Week


It’s been just over a week since I said I would be going back to my Lap-Band basics, following the rules, and getting myself back on track. And, in the spirit of staying accountable, here’s my one week check-in.

A lot has gone on in the last week. If you recall from my last post, Going Back to Lap-Band Basics, one of the reasons I’m doing this right now is because I had dental work coming up. And, I knew that it would be easy to jump start my Lap-Band routine when I was already in a position where I didn’t want to eat.

I could have never imagined what I was in for.

See, my dental work involved a few extractions. It’s nothing I haven’t been through before, but it’s been years. Monday before last, December 9th, I went in to the dentist and started the extraction process. Things were fine. But, we didn’t have time to get to a couple of extractions that needed to be done on the bottom. I didn’t anticipate this.

The thing is, I’m getting my work done at the Indiana University School of Dentistry, so appointments take much longer to get through as everything has to be cleared by a teacher from my student dentist. I can count on each appointment taking no less than 3 hours. Yeah, it’s a process. But this makes my dental work affordable so I digress.

Anyway, I went back on Thursday to finish the extractions on the bottom and that’s where we ran in to trouble. For the first time, ever, I couldn’t get numb. And they had maxed out on the amount of drugs they could give me to get me totally numb. Instead of waiting to give it a try another time, they tried to extract anyway. Painful is hardly the word. It didn’t work and in the process, they broke one of my teeth off at the gum line. And that’s where they decided to stop.

after-dental-workSo, the two molars that need to be extracted have been left in a state of a horrible mess. One is “elevated” and prepared for extraction so part of the nerve and root is exposed while the other is broken off at the gum line, totally exposed.

For the last week I have been in EXCRUCIATING amount of pain with a golf ball on the side of my jaw. See?

Nice swollen jaw there, right? Actually my whole face is swollen, especially my nose.

The pain has been almost more than I can bare. And what makes it even more annoying is while I understand these molars need to come out, they weren’t bothering me before. They’ve never bothered me. So now I have pain where I’ve never had pain before.

To add insult to injury, this is how I’ve been left until this Friday when I’ll see a resident doctor, instead of a student, and we’ll again attempt to get me numb and get these teeth out.

And they wonder why people are afraid of the dentist… holy crap, this has been an ordeal!

What’s the point, Katy?

Well, with all the pain in I haven’t been able to be as on-plan as I had originally anticipated. Cold drinks send me flying up the wall in pain so my plan for protein shakes hasn’t been successful. I did manage to create and LOVE a pumpkin chai protein shake, it’s certainly one that will be added to the list of DELICIOUS. But, I haven’t gone to try more and that just sucks.

My water intake has also been rocky because, let’s face it, I don’t want cold water, either.

As far as exercise goes, that’s not happening. Just lifting 35 lbs of Henry sends my mouth throbbing.

My workout and movement has been next to nothing. I’m laying in bed most of the day, even if it is with my laptop trying to get work done, and spending the rest of my day sleeping. Between my pain meds and taking melatonin, it was the only way I know how to cope with the pain I’ve been in.

And, all of this, it just leaves me so frustrated. I was so excited, so pumped for a plan, so ready to be where I was even 2 years ago when I got pregnant with the boys. I want to look in the mirror and see that girl again. And, it’s hard not to be discouraged through the truth of the matter is, there’s really nothing I can do about it.

Now, I just wait. My next appointment is Friday, Dec. 20th. I’ll know more of what I can do then. If these extractions fail, again, I’ll be left with no choice but to use sedation and head to an oral surgeon.

But my will is unwavering. I know it can’t be like this forever and I won’t let this short blimp of problems distract me from the long haul.

On to week 2…

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