All Your Twin Questions: Answered


It is no surprise that so many people have questions when they see twins. Yes, they’re a bit of a novelty, but for parents that wears off and the outside world still wants to know so many things about them. Yep, I get it. And my blog has really been the source for questions.

The good news? I love talking about my little men. They are really something to share. So, I thought I’d put in to a big post all your twin questions.

Ready? Here we go.

Do they have the same schedule?

Typically. They do go to sleep and eat at the same time. We have non-sleeping days sometimes too which will throw off our schedule a bit. It happens, but it never lasts long.

For example, as I write Oliver is wide awake and playing. Henry is knocked out asleep and has been for about an hour longer than I expected him to be.

We usually try to wake both kids when one wakes up to keep them on their same schedule. This isn’t always possible, but we try.

Are they identical?


It really depends on who you ask. Strangers seem to think that they’re identical. Zadey still struggles to tell them apart. For Joanne and I they look nothing alike and we can’t imagine how you think they do.

When I had the boys, they did run a test and they say they are identical. I’d like to have a second DNA test done just to be sure. It’s hard for me to comprehend how my body, that was never supposed to have a baby, actually managed to split an egg to create twins. It’s much easier for me to imagine that I hyper-ovulated and twins were created.

Is it hard?

My boys go in to what we call “melt down mode.” This is typically when they are tired or overly hungry. They’re both crying at the same time and they are both hanging off your legs making the ability to help them near impossible. But, we try to do everything we can to prevent melt down as quick as possible so this isn’t happening all of the time.

When not in our melt down mode, I wouldn’t say that it’s hard at all. In fact I’d say it’s totally do-able, fun, and at times easy. Yes, you do everything twice, but it’s so worth it. The fun really does outweigh any negative. So much so that I can’t really pin-point a negative side to twins with you.

How do you get anything done?

Schedule. Right from the start a schedule. But now we’re at the point where they’re busy all day long playing. They keep themselves busy and they really are each other’s best friend. They always have a play mate which means we have more time to get what we need to do done.

Do they get along?


Most of the time. We seem to have random days where one does not want a playmate and the other has his feelings hurt because his brother isn’t being very nice to him. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen you always feel a bit sad for the one who wants to play.

Otherwise, I would and do call them best friends. There is no denying the love they have for each other. They give hugs and kisses to each other all the time, they wrestle and play, and genuinely enjoy each other. Their latest thing has been playing peek-a-boo with each other around our bed. This has resulted in laughter for the whole family. I love the way they play with each other, and I love the bond that they have.

That’s not to say that we don’t have moments. We are in the biting phase and Henry more often than Oliver seems to be the target for bites. On the other hand, Henry really enjoys pulling hair and Oliver is at just the right level for him to do that too.

Do twins run in your family?

Did you know this is a science question?

Identical twins are spontaneous and just happen. It doesn’t matter if they run in the family or not, spontaneous is spontaneous. However, fraternal twins do run in families and genetics play a roll.

As far as I know, we have no fraternal twins in our family. I do however, have identical twin cousins from my Dad’s sister.

Read my post, the science of twins for more information on this.

Do they go in different directions?


This question always makes me laugh. They’re not really given an opportunity to go in different directions when we’re out and about. If we leave the house they’re either in a shopping cart, a stroller, or being worn. At home, they do their own thing and play with each other when they want. The funny thing is though, they’re never really far from each other.

Do they have their own language?

Funny, I can see this developing so I will say yes. They do talk to each other and when one finds something he shouldn’t he does make a clear call to his brother to get over here NOW! For now though their conversation consists of normal baby babble. They make each other laugh, a lot. It’s really fun to listen to.

Is it expensive?

I covered this one, once in my post titled the cost of 10 month old twins. However, it’s been awhile since I wrote that post and some of the costs have changed. For example, they’re no longer on baby formula so that cost is now out. But they’re growing like weeds so we have had to buy more clothes for them.

Safety 1st was kind enough to send us convertible car seats, so that eliminated a HUGE cost for us and couldn’t have come at a better time.

We do go through a lot more food for them now than we used to. This is because they eat everything we eat. By everything I mean everything. We had baby lobster tails the other night with dinner… they ate it. I factor in cooking for 4 people when I grocery shop as they tend to share a normal sized portion.

Do you wish you didn’t have twins?


This one stings a little and yes, I’ve really been asked this. I get the question, I really do. But I could never regret one of my children. I really, really adore having twins. It is so much fun. It’s not something every parent gets blessed with, and I’m grateful that for whatever reason, I was chosen to be a twin mom.

I don’t hate it a bit. In fact, I really want more children and I hope and pray it’s another set of twins. Though it would be nice to know what it’s like to carry just one baby.

Did I miss anything?

If you have a question about twins that I haven’t answered and you want to know, leave me a comment. We’re an open book so nothing is off the table. Ask away!

If you’re a twin mom, what questions do you frequently get asked?


    • says

      YAY I love finding other twin moms… with blogs. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my post.

      It really depends on my mood if I’m okay with the questions. I once was at Costo 45 minutes longer than I needed to be answering questions and chatting with all the people that stopped me. Luckily I was in a good mood that day. LOL

  1. karen medlin says

    I remember my mom getting asked the same questions, I am an identical twin, and mom had 2 sets of twins. My identical twin had identical twins. Thank You for sharing, they are adorable!

  2. says

    Twins are so cute. It’s fun watching others who raise twins to see how they are similar yet different at same time. Love this post, was fun to read!

  3. says

    We have a few sets of twins in our family and close friends, and it’s a blast. I always wanted twins, but after having one baby with my first I remember wondering HOW my aunt did it with her twins. One baby is a lot of work, let alone two or more! Kudos to you! I still think it would be fun (I say this with 4 kids sitting around me right now, I’m a bit crazy for kids). ;)
    I am seriously in shock that people would ask if you wish you didn’t have twins. What mother wishes she didn’t have her children?! People really need to think before they speak…

  4. says

    My girls are very close in age and people often ask me if they’re twins! Like all the time!! I think my girls also have their own little language. If I can’t understand Haley, Natalie can always tell me what she wants!

  5. says

    Twin mom here and this a great post! You’re inspiring me to do one of my own….I have been asked all of these before including the last one. Isn’t it crazy what some people think it’s okay to ask because they see more than one baby?

    Love the pictures….they are adorable!

  6. says

    This was SO fun to read!! I think they do look very very slightly different. I’ve thought about twins, but oh when my 16 month old sqwaks at me or cries at my heels I’m content with one at a time.

  7. says

    Love all the information on twins! We go (well I go) to the doctor this month to do more treatments etc to try and start our family and one of the “side effects” (as my dr calls it is )”You might have twins”! So while I’m gathering information on pregnancy, childbirth etc, I’m always interested in information on twins!

  8. says

    We get asked about our twins all the time. Because we have boy/girl twins, the questions we get asked our a little different. My daughter always pipes up to tell people that she’s older and she doesn’t want anyone to forget it!

  9. says

    No twins here, but I have twin nephews. They are now adults, but for the longest time when they were little I could not tell them apart. As they grew older they developed into their own “person” that people like us that weren’t around them 24/7 could distinguish one from the other.

  10. says

    We don’t have any twins in my family but I’ve always thought it would be so cool to have a twin brother! (yes, I didn’t want a twin sister. lol) Thanks for sharing this little inside look at twins!

  11. kim says

    YOu are very blessed. They look just like you too!! I wished all mother’s with twins or going to have them could read your post here. I bet it would cheer them up.

  12. Eliz Frank says

    if you hadn’t brought it up, I’d say they are identical too… They look alike to me and others and I’m a mom of twins too. Mine are fraternal and I get the same comment… Glad to connect w/ another twin mom. :-)

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