Meet Zadey Jade

Zadey Rawson-Castro

Zadey is an amazing 8 year old. She was born on September 18, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has got an awesome personality; and she’s a lot like her Mommy.

She is giving and sweet.
She is compassionate and kind.
She is strong willed and has a mind of her own.
She is creative and imaginative.

Zadey is a blessing for Joanne and I. She is the child I thought I’d never have; she is everything to me. She is the first to call me Mom, and the first person to stomp off and slam a door at me.

Though she is still very young, I’m quite confident she thinks she’s 16 or so.

As Zadey is growing up a bit and becoming a young girl, she’s losing her love for toys and ponies while developing a strong interest in video games. She has the ability to pick up any game and play it to the fullest, figuring it out as she goes along. And her love for games is so strong, when allowed, she enjoys watching YouTube videos from other gamers to discover new games, and new tricks to the games she already loves.

Initially I was hesitate about Zadey’s passion for video games and all things technology, but finally gave in when I saw that she was putting her creativity to use through this games, they were helping her to develop some critical thinking skills, and her passion ran strong. Though she plays with a lot of restrictions, she is happiest when watching a YouTube video and playing Minecraft at the same time.

When we manage to pull her away from games and her love of technology, Zadey is still figuring out and learning how to be a great big sister as the boys grow and develop. She’s trying, and with the love she displays for her brother’s that is really all we can ask for.

Zadey is absolutely the little girl that will dress up, grab a cute purse, and then put rocks in it. Her balance in personality is astonishing, and absolutely makes every day interesting.

If you give her the chance, she’ll tell you a make believe story like you have never heard before — and then spend another hour trying to convince you that said story is real life.

Her favorite place to be is at Auntie’s house (my sister, Morgan), with her cousins, and getting to do things that Mommy doesn’t let her do… like put make-up on!

She is named after my friend’s nickname, because she is the reason we met Zadey’s birth-Mom.

Zadey is a light to everyone that meets her. And you will never meet another little girl that will shower you with so much kindness.

Zadey Rawson-Castro