Meet Joanne

Joanne & Zadey

Joanne & Zadey

Most people who meet Joanne would call her shy. And until she knows you, or really has something to add to the conversation, she’s not much of a talker.

In fact, I find it impressive that she initiated the conversation with me. She found me. Interesting.

Joanne is our family’s bread winner. Heading out every day to work at job she’s good at. She’s a retail junkie, and knows her stuff; working as an assistant manager at a mall store.

When not at work, the kids all seem to fight for her attention.

She is Zadey’s sought after play mate. And they love their days together: playing the Wii, going to the park, board games, and any other trouble the can stir up.

Mama meets Zadey’s imagination and gives in to all the random fantasy play. If Zadey wants to be a puppy and play fetch, Joanne will gladly take on a new puppy. And stick with it much longer than I can.

Juggling babies is not Joanne’s strong suite. But she’s there, ready, and willing at all times. And when those cute boys need something in the middle of the night, she’s on it. She can shake up a mean bottle!

Our running joke is if Mama’s cooking dinner, we know we’re getting pizza.

She’s heavily into running with constant goals of running different marathons and 5k events. She watches what she eats and enjoys outdoor activities. She very much loves music, and pop culture. If you want to know what’s happening in the world of entertainment, Joanne is a great resource for that.

Joanne is a good balance of play; and brings a great deal of excitement and adventure to our family. She’s always up for a good outing, and her perfect day off is a clean house and time with our kids.

joanne holding kids

Joanne holding all of the kids. Feb. 2013.