Meet Henry & Oliver

Twins Henry & Oliver - Two Peas in A Pod

Several years ago, after hearing news about an acquaintance pregnant with twins, I remember wishing I could have twins. Well, be careful what you wish for! Who knew spontaneous twins were in my future?

After being told by multiple doctors that I would never carry children, my boys were born on September 19, 2012 in Bakersfield, California. They were absolutely a very wanted surprise.

Initially I really wanted a little girl, for Zadey to have a best friend sister. And I was totally convinced that I was having a girl, and had named her Mila Valentine. But now that I have boys, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Henry Parker

Henry Parker Rawson

Of the two boys, Henry is the do-er. He’s anxious to get in to everything, curious about the world around him, and is constantly looking for something new to explore. Always looking for a reaction from the crowd, Henry is our comedian with silly faces, hand gestures, and an attempt at making you laugh by laughing himself.

His current interest includes his blocks, cars, and bubbles. While I would certainly call him my strong silent type, because he talks significantly less than his brother, the words he does have are clear and relays his message.

Though I’m sure he doesn’t want you to know, Henry is a mama’s boy, always finding his way onto my lap or in my arms. I have no complaints though, this time is fleeting and one day I know I’ll be thankful for all the time I have spent just holding, snuggling, and loving on my boys.

At 20 months Henry has decided that big boys use a potty and has a strong interest in saying good-bye to those diapers forever!

Henry’s middle name is after my maternal grandfather, Austin Parker. He also shares the middle name with my oldest brother, Steve.

Oliver Preston

Oliver Preston Rawson

Oliver is one of those boys you just look at and say “what a sweet boy.” He has that face.

He’s the talker of the two boys. He always has something to say, whether you understand it or not, and it usually is accompanied by hand gestures.

Oliver is so curious with a genuine interest in learning how things work. I can see him being the boy that takes things apart, just to figure out how they go together.

Oliver’s current interest is music and all things musical. His MegaBlok’s Billy Beats Dancing Piano along with Pandora allows him to practice his dance moves all day long. In addition to dancing, he also loves spending our warm summer months outside, being in control of the hose and who will and will not get wet.

He has decided, against his better judgement, that he’ll go ahead and follow suit on potty training with his brother. It is obvious he would rather not, but feels compelled since his brother is doing it. Or perhaps it is that he just likes to constantly flush the toilet that provides the motivation he needs.

His middle name is after my step-Mom’s father, Preston and was my small token to honor her importance in my life by using her family’s name.

Having Twins

The boys share the same schedule. They have 3 meals a day and a good long nap in the middle of the day. We’re working on eliminating the constant flow of milk and bottles in the house, to which they show much resistance.

They are handsome, and sweet. They are cuddly, and soft. And thanks to Johnsons, smell like the insanely sweet boys they are.

For me, Henry and Oliver are a dream come true. Not only did they bring me the long awaited pregnancy, but I have wanted to have more children since Zadey was born. I never knew that I would have to wait so long for them, but I don’t care either. None of that matters, now.

Henry and Oliver have taught me more about life and myself than I could have ever imagined. They have made me an activist, more patient, more kind, more loving, a better person, and most importantly, a better mother for them and their big sister.

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