Meet Katy

Katy Rawson

I often claim to be a simple girl, though that may not really be the case.

Born and raised in Bakersfield, California I did everything I could escape. Always ready for an adventure, I found myself living in places I adore: Las Vegas, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Since 2002, when Joanne and I first left Bakersfield for Las Vegas we have moved and moved looking for our place in this world. It took only 4 years for us to decide to come full circle, bring our family back to Las Vegas, and settle in for good. There’s no better feeling than knowing where home really is.

My 3 children are my world, but they’re not the only people or things in it. I’m not the kind of woman who is defined by being a mother, it’s only a piece of who I am. But, it’s also the biggest piece of me that I take pride in.

For a period in my life, I was sure that I was not going to become a mom. During high school I went through many phases deciding the kind of person I wanted to be. My longest phase included becoming a brain surgeon after I held a human brain in science class, moving to upstate New York to attend Cornell, and becoming an ER surgeon. No partner, no children — maybe just me and a cute condo. That plan didn’t work out. There’s a reason for everything and I am thankful, when looking at my children, that dream never became a reality.

When I settled on the idea of having children, I was heartbroken to learn I couldn’t become pregnant and thrilled when we learned about our precious Zadey, and adopted her. Seven years and one day later, these sweet little twins entered my life, and I finally had the opportunity to experience pregnancy.

I have an 80% chance of carrying twins, again. And if someone told me that I could be pregnant tomorrow, and it’s twins. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. No questions asked, no hesitation. I adore my children, and motherhood.

Somehow I always believed that I’d be a “crunchy Mama.” Homeschool, breast feeding, baby wearing Mom. Yeah, that’s not exactly me either. I only take bits and pieces of that parenting philosophy. But I haven’t given up on trying.

I’m a tell it like it is girl. I don’t hold much back and the things I hold back typically don’t need holding back. My mouth (and fingers) don’t have much of a filter. And I don’t know a single person that would say I’m a generally likable person. You love me, or you hate me. Rarely is there a gray area. It’s just my personality.

Passion in me can be easily ignited with just a bit of knowledge. I also thrive on curiosity of the world around me.

Generally speaking, I’m a positive person. I look on the bright side, find a reason for everything, and try to gather the lesson I’m supposed to learn while in every situation. I think with logic and reason, and bring emotion somewhere in the middle.

I love easily but rarely forgive.

There is so much more to me, and sadly, I wouldn’t hesitate to write a book about me (or blog!). If you’re looking for more about me, I’d highly recommend my very sarcastic category, It’s All About Me and learn about my Lap-Band journey.

Basic Stats

Full Name: Kathryn Rawson but you can call me Katy.
Birthday: Feb. 20, 1981
Age: 34
Sign: Pisces
Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken or Sushi!
Favorite Color: RED! I like bold.
Lucky Number: 13

My Blogging Life

I first began blogging in 2005. The blog was initially a lot like this one where I chronicled my family’s life; and Zadey’s baby years. Somehow it evolved and changed and I began to blog about blogging. I attended many blogging conferences, coached people on how to become a successful blogger, and made media appearances. It was amazingly fun and I adored the connections that I was able to make. Life took many turns, as it often does, and I ultimately sold my “how to blog” blog in 2009.

This is the first time, since then, that I have decided to blog again. And this time we’re sticking to life and the things that happen in and around my family and I. But, don’t think all that advice has been misplaced. Oh no. Many of the tips and tricks I spoke about then, still apply today. It won’t be long until those surface again, but not on this blog. Here, we’ll stick to my life with my family, my kids, and my passions. Here, it’s all about me — or, um, us!

Why Moving Through Life?

One thing I have always said, maybe because I heard it, is that nothing ever gets accomplished when you’re sitting still. You must keep going. And it’s part of the positive outlook I try to keep in life. You must keep moving. And thus, I am moving through life. One moment, one second, one smile, one kiss, one frown, one thing at a time. In times of trial, sorrow, happiness, and joy, you can never keep your feet planted in the same spot.

Keep going.
Keep trying.
Keep giving.
Keep loving.
Keep living.
Keep moving through life.