7 Wonderful Things Non-Smokers Enjoy!

Quit Smoking

I have quit smoking before and I’ve shared that with you. And though that post, right now, only has a couple of comments my email has exploded. The support I have received and the support I have been able to share is incredible. There is a community around Moving Through Life and my email is showing it right now.

Each time I have quit before, I revel in the really wonderful things that only non-smokers never notice and smokers secretly lust after. Here’s just a few of those things.

10 WONDERFUL Things Non-Smokers Enjoy

1. Perfume

Ed Hardy PerfumeNow, don’t get me wrong. I have always worn perfume and I love a good scented lotion. But when you apply perfume in the morning, by lunch you smell like nothing but smoke. Maybe, slightly, you can get a wiff of your perfume, but it’s not the same.

My favorite hoodie smells like my favorite perfume, right now. It’s the perfume I sprayed on 4 days ago before heading out…. I only wore the hoodie that one day, but it still smells amazing.

2. Free Time

It took me about 4 minutes to smoke a cigarette. I smoked 1 pack of cigarettes per day. And now I suddenly have one hour and 20 minutes back of my time per day. Time I can do whatever I want with.

This is time that I get just being with my kids. It’s a show or a movie that I’ve been wanting to watch. It’s an extra out of networking or promotion for my blog. It’s time doing nothing.

What I’m not doing with this time though is bundling up, going outside, freezing my a@@ off, just to smoke a cigarette. Today it feels like -32 degrees. If I was still a smoker, I would be the idiot standing out there!

3. The Real Taste of Food

On day 4 of being smoke free, I woke up like I had the previous mornings. Stumbled out of bed, threw my hoodie on, and ran to my tea kettle to start my water for coffee. I made my cup of coffee like I do every single morning for years and years. But it tasted different. It tasted stronger. And finally, the real taste of food. Everything tastes, just a little bit different.

4. Snuggle Time

Mommy and OliverBeing a smoking mother was more horrifying to me than I can possibly tell you. I hated knowing that my kids were hugging me with the smell of smoke. As a co-sleeping mom, I hated the idea of my kids sleeping next to my smoking smell. Even worse, without being around me, other people knew that my kids had a smoking parent — even though I never smoke around them.

Now, I grab my kids and squeeze. I snuggle closer, I love on them, I relish the hugs without an ounce of worry. There’s no smoke there. That smell is mommy.

5. Less Stress

We’re running errands… how long will it be between my smoke breaks? It’s almost bed time… will I have enough cigarettes to get me through tonight and the morning?

That moment when you have 1 car and someone has to be to work RIGHT NOW… and you realize you’re out of cigarettes. Or how about the time where your partner didn’t have a lunch break, because she ran to the store to get you cigarettes?

6. Freedom

Freedom from social isolation.
Freedom from extreme cold or heat, because we smoke outside.
Freedom from cravings.
Freedom from controlling thoughts.
Freedom from the cost.
Freedom from addiction.

And you never know how all those things control you, until you’re free.

7. Confidence

Shake my hand; you won’t see a yellow index and middle finger of my nicotine stained hand. Give me a hug; you won’t smell smoke on my clothes. Come in close and tell me a secret; my breath doesn’t stink like smoke. Rush past me with a gush of wind; my perfume smells amazing.

Become Smoke-Free

If you’re a smoker, make the leap and become smoke-free with me. It’s been 12 AMAZING days, and I want you to know how that feels too. And, if you can add to this list, please do!


  1. says

    I quit smoking almost 21 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Hard. But good. I felt so much better almost immediately- no more smokers cough! :)

  2. says

    Super proud of you!! And I joined the train too! 8 days without a cigarette myself. Went cold turkey when it got too dang cold to even step foot outside and I actually found myself considering smoking in the basement bathroom with the window open. Decided I was losing it and needed to quit. Now I just remind myself how much self-loathing will happen if I do smoke at this point cause I’ve stopped, so still going semi-strong lol! You are awesome!

  3. says

    I quit smoking in 2004, I said I’d never be one of those ex-smokers that is grossed out by the smell of cigarettes, but somewhere along the line it happened, oops!
    :) Danica

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