6 Reasons to Get Dressed Up This Year

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I have always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. There was a time, several years ago, that I loved to put on my business dress and head to work. At the time, I worked for a mortgage company and I loved that job. Prior to that I worked at an investment company and there, too, I enjoyed my business dress.

But in the years since I have held those jobs I no longer have a great reason to get dressed up. There are heels sitting in my closet that are doing nothing more than collecting dust. Motherhood has done a number on my wardrobe… and my hair.

This year I’m setting a new goal. I’m dusting of my business dress and I’m deciding to add some cute dresses to my closet this year to be prepared for any occasion to get dressed up. And if I can’t find a reason to get dressed up, I will make my own. Because truthfully, as much as I enjoy being casual, nothing makes me feel better than a cute dress and heels.

So, let’s find those reasons now and be prepared with our perfect cocktail dresses.

1. Valentine’s Day
It doesn’t matter if you have a date or not, it’s a fantastic night to head out on the town, get dressed up, and have some fun. Whether you’re at the club or a fancy restaurant with your partner. There’s no reason we can’t go out looking our most beautiful.

2. Graduations
Even summer, it happens, someone we know is graduating. Don’t show up in your normal fair. Go cute, stylish. You don’t have to be over the top but those jeans and t-shirt simply won’t do!

DressFirst Sheath Cocktail Dress

Girl’s Night Out in THIS?! Oh, I so wish.

3. Your Birthday
I know, the cards and cake your kids made you is adorable. But seriously, we may not need a birthday party as an adult but we always need a night away. What better excuse than your birthday? Get dressed up, feel good about yourself, and go out.

4. Date Night
Most date nights for us come up spur of the moment when someone decides they’ll offer to babysit. That means I end up wearing the same thing I wore all day long as I run out of the house. Forget that. Plan something, dress up, and head out.

5. Girl’s Night Out
Don’t most of us plan one at least once a year? Go beyond what you normally do and throw on a cute dress, pick a dazzling cocktail dress that will make you feel like one of a kind. Be sure to accessorize!

6. Holiday Parties
Don’t we all receive at least one invite to a holiday party each year? Normally I go in my dress casual clothes, with accessories and ballet flats. I love the look, but why not a cute dress instead?

What’s Your Excuse to Get Dressed Up?

I need more excuses to get dressed up, buy dresses, and spend more time on making myself feel and look good. I have fallen in love with dozens of dresses from DressFirst and I’d love nothing more than a good reason to splurge. So, what’s your excuse to get dressed up? Are you feeling like you’re in the same jeans and t-shirt rut that I am?


  1. Willow says

    I quit my career in May so I can relate! I will get dressed up to go out to eat or to a concert. I even get a dressed up to go shopping to feel good.

  2. says

    These are definitely some great excuses to dress-up. Lately, I feel like Sunday has been the only day of the week I get halfway dressed up and that’s just because of church. Your post has reminded me how much my hubby and I need a date night :P

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