12 Home Holiday Safety Tips

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Sparkle, glitz, presents, cookies, music, and laughter. We’re no longer waiting for the holidays to arrive, they are here. So I thought with you I would share a collection of tips, from around the web, on keeping your home safe in as many ways as you can this holiday season.

1. Keep presents hidden from view of major and/or easy accessible windows.

Don’t give people any more reason than necessary to break in and steal from you. While we all love displaying wrapped presents, keep them out of view. If that’s not possible for you, due to tree/window placement, consider not displaying presents until Christmas morning. Your children will be delighted at the pile of gifts when they wake on Christmas morning, anyway.

2. Meet postal workers delivering packages, or arrange for them to be delivered to your neighbor if you’re not home.

If no one will be home to get packages, be sure they are not left just sitting on your front doorstep. If you will be gone for an extended time, arrange for a trust neighbor to get packages for you.

traditional-holiday-outdoor-decorations3. Do not obscure your view of your home with holiday decorations.

If you cannot see your entire property, you cannot see anyone lurking, either.

4. Purchase extension cords from only authorized retailers that display certification labels.

Extension cords are all over our homes this time of year. Be sure yours have been tested to reduce fire hazard.

5. Compact or dispose of packaging discreetly. Often criminals will spot something you’ve discarded and can target you for their next burglary or theft.

Displaying empty packages in the trash is the same as leaving the presents visible. Tuck it away to prevent being a target for burglary.

6. If you are leaving town, have a trusted friend or neighbor take care of your home.

Even if you don’t have a pet, arrange for someone to grab your mail and visit the house. It might also be a good idea for them to rotate which visible lights are on to keep people from thinking you’ve been gone too long.

7. Carefully inspect holiday light strings each year and discard any with frayed cords, cracked lamp holders.

Damaged lighting is a fire risk. Lights are too affordable to replace to make you take a risk using damaged lighting.

8. Try to purchase a freshly cut tree, as they are more resistant to ignition. Keep your Christmas tree watered and away from open candles.

Moist trees are less flammable. Be sure to keep it watered, too.

Front-Door-Lock9. Always lock your home’s doors and windows, even if you’re only gone for a few minutes.

It’s just a good habit to get in to, all year long.

10. Keep all outdoor extension cords clear of snow and standing water and well-protected from the elements.

Moisture of any kind of extension cords can cause a short. Be sure to keep properly rated cords and keep it clear of snow and water.

11. Test your smoke alarms monthly to make sure they work, and be sure to install smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms on every level of your home — especially near sleeping areas.

No one wants to think of the unthinkable, but better safe than sorry.

12. When leaving the house, always leave a small light on to make the bad guys think you’re still home.

Consider the light above your kitchen sink, the over hood, or a small lamp in your living room.

How do you keep your home safe?

What ideas do you have to keep your home safe during the holidays, and all year long>

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