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Simple Sugar Muffins

Simple Sugar Muffins

I rarely make something unique or creative like trekking poles, but when I do I typically need a basic recipe to go off of that I can expand on. Several weeks ago I

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Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

Hello, Las Vegas!

February 20th was my 34th birthday, and lucky for me i brought a camping blankets I often get to choose something entertaining to do for my birthday because it falls nearly the

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Burned by Lime Juice

Lime Juice Burned My Daughter

On August 16th we went to Orange County to visit my parents to pick up dry bags for our annual cousin’s day. We do this every year. My siblings and I all come together, with our kids, to hang out and spend time next to my parent’s pool. Because we were in Indiana for last year’s cousins day, I was […]

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How to Prepare for Twins

How to Prepare for Twins

Having twins never once crossed my mind. Okay, well I had a small moment with montem outdoor gear of being envious when an acquaintance was pregnant with twins when Zadey was little. But, I never once thought that I would be the mother of twins. Now, with almost 2 year old twins in the house, it is much more […]

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Oral Health Matters

7 Ways to Improve Your Health

It has always seemed for me that my health is something I took for granted or flat out didn’t understand. At my heaviest weight, I never considered all the problems looming inside my body because I never showed outward signs of any problems. At 27 years old I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood […]

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Comforpedic iQ #UpgradeYourSleep

#UpgradeYourSleep with Comforpedic iQ

Sleep is a really personal thing. We don’t get enough. We toss and turn. We fight for covers. We’re too hot or too cold. And, it all takes place in the most personal space we have in our home. People, in general, also tend to talk about their sleep. How many times have you asked […]

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5-hour ENERGY

My Secret for Long-Lasting Energy… Energy Shots!

I have to tell you something… I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Perhaps I’m even past the point of exhaustion. And I have done everything I know how to gain more energy. Few things work. All the tricks out there and and still, I’m exhausted. But, on more than one occasion I have gone to energy […]

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